The Crypto Blood Story: Show Notes

“Cryptocurrencies run through my blood,” that’s the motto of my guest, Crypto Blood, who discovered Bitcoin in late 2012. Though he has a technical background in Computer Science with a concentration in Software Engineering, his real passion and day time job for the past 10 years has been marketing, branding, and web development. He is also a former Foreign Exchange/Futures trader and co-founded a CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor) company in 2006. During our interview we discuss how he grew his Youtube channel (CB TV [Crypto Blood]) to 11,700 subscribers, his many ventures beyond the cryptocurrency industry, and the fate of Detroit. We also get a chance to talk about Black content creators in the media and how he’s changing the narrative.






Topics discussed in this episode:

[00:00] Introductions

[02:01] I had no idea you were internet famous

[07:10] Find out what makes money

[12:41] Get my Bryant Gumble on

[19:09] Real Estate Ventures and Grant Cardone

[21:08] Trying to extract some knowledge from Robert Kiyosaki

[26:23] A thousand true fans

[27:10] Sam Adams vs. Dos Equis

[28:05] Detroit

[29:55] Crypto Blood gets COVID

[33:00] A good brother named Victor, from Ghana

[34:33] Crypto and the Black Community

[39:58] Favorite Learn about Money Books

[43:15] DeFi (the hot topic in the Crypto world)

[46:42] I like to be surprised

[52:04] The media has made black content creators like we’re all buffoons

[52:41] Abundance mindset

[53:18] Rapid fire — There’s no forgiveness

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Grant Cardone

Crypto Blood interview with Robert Kiyosaki and Ted Seidel

Kevin Kelly

How to Make Millions Investing in Africa:The Victor Asemota Story

DeFi (A Beginner’s Guide to Decentralized Finance)

Mati Greenspan, Founder of Quantum Economics

Clif High

Book Recommendations:

The 10X Rule

Sell or Be Sold

If You’re Not First, You’re Last

Bitcoin & Black America

Who Moved My Cheese?

Cashflow Quadrant

Where Are the Customers’ Yachts?: or A Good Hard Look at Wall Street

Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction

“How to Start a Podcast During a Pandemic”

About The Host:

Stevon Cook is a small business owner, policy maker and media personality. He is the founder of The Luther Harris Holding Company, a strategic advising company that focuses on creating partnerships, diversity recruitment and helping companies drive impact in the communities where they do business.

As the host of The Cook on Monday Morning podcast, he interviews high capacity leaders in a variety of industries. The goal of the podcast is to build a community of people creating lives that make them excited about Monday morning. At Cook on Monday Morning we believe that if we can own Monday morning, we can own the week, if we can own the week then we can own the year and if we change your year, we can change your life.

Cook is the former President of the San Francisco Board of Education. He was elected in 2016 with over 150,000 votes. He also served as CEO of Mission Bit, an education nonprofit focused on ending generational poverty through coding education for high school students.

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Book Recommendations

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